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2022 - Minutes of our Terrestrial Rescue Commission Presentations - Friday

22 Nov 2022

Montreux 2022 - Practical Day

Here is an overview of the presentations - for more information please see the attached minutes and presentations. If you cannot find a given presentation here, please contact the president of the Terrestrial Rescue Commission.

  • Italy Glacier Accident Claudio Artoni, Maurizio Dellantonio TERCOM / AVACOM Joint Meeting

  • Earthquake in Croatia 2020 Croatian Mountain Rescue Service / Josip Granic TERCOM / DOGHANDLER Joint Meeting

  • SAR - Emerging technologies for the Early location of Entrapped victims under Collapsed Structures and Advanced Wearables for risk assessment and First Responders Safety in SAR Operations HRT / Nektarios Parmakis and Asterios Chatzikas
  • Drones - New Perspectives in Mountain Rescue Salvamont Romania / Sabin Cornoiu and Ciprian Zamfirescu

  • Interdisciplinary Drone Workgroup An Open Discussion about Drones as Assets and Hazards (TERCOM / AVACOM / AIRCOM / Doghandler -Joint Meeting)

  • Cell Phone Tracking Systems SAGF / Lt. Col. Alessandro Alberioli and LIFESEEKER / Héctor Estévez (TERCOM / AVACOM / AIRCOM / Doghandler -Joint Meeting)

  • Emergency Drones HORYZN - TU München / Balázs Nagy

  • A Weekend of Cardiac Incidents TOPR / Andrzej Gorka TERCOM / MEDCOM / Doghandler Joint Meeting

  • Three Hikers Stuck in Avalanche Terrain TOPR / Andrzej Gorka and Marcin Jozefowicz TERCOM / AVACOM / Dog Handler Joint Meeting

  • Mobile Alarm and Command & Control Management for Styrian Mountain Rescue Teams ÖBRD - Styria & LWZ Styria / Sebastian Stepfer Projectmanager MOPS GmbH

  • Helicopter Long Rope Rescue Techniques 330 Squadron / Morten Sandvic and Torgeir Kjus

  • ATC - Prevention Work from Alpine Rescue Organizations ÖBRD - Tyrol und Girsberger / Markus Rainer TERCOM / AVACOM Joint Meeting