20191010-12-TER Minutes and Presentations of the Terrestrial Rescue Commission Meeting


Zakopane, Poland.

20191010-0800-TER 00 Minutes Assembly of Delegates (pdf, 126.16 Kb)
20191010-0800-TER 00 Protokoll Delegiertenversammlung (pdf, 133.95 Kb)
20191010-0900-TER 00 Minutes Terrestrial Rescue Commission Meeting (pdf, 166.42 Kb)
20191010-0900-TER 00 Protokoll Tagung Bodenrettung (pdf, 196.29 Kb)
20191010-0930-TER 01 Teamwork in Cross Border Rescue Operations in Tatra Andrzej Marasek TOPR Marek Biskupič HZS (pdf, 40.00 Mb)
20191010-1100-TER 03 The Incident Command System Workgroup Dan Hourihan MRA (pdf, 62.55 Kb)
20191010-1130-TER 04 ICS Recommendation Draft Ásgeir Örn Kristinsson ICE-SAR (pdf, 8.75 Mb)
20191010-1430-TER 05 Development of Rescue Supporting Technologies Jakub Hornowski TOPR Paweł Rościszewski Paga Solutions Jan Staszuk NeoSoft SAR (pdf, 34.66 Mb)
20191010-1500-TER 06 Operation Mangatawai Aug Sep 2017 Peter Zimmer LSARNZ (pdf, 34.09 Mb)
20191010-1600-TER 07 Forging a Better Avalanche Chain of Survival Heiko Stopsack Mount Hood Backcountry Ski and Avalanche Institute USA (pdf, 40.00 Mb)
20191010-1630-TER 08 Should Airbags be Mandatory Avalanche Safety Equipment Dr Christopher Van Tilburg MRA (pdf, 5.03 Mb)
20191011-0800-TER 00 Minutes Terrestrial Rescue Commission Meeting (pdf, 202.43 Kb)
20191011-0800-TER 00 Protokoll Tagung Bodenrettung (pdf, 217.75 Kb)
20191011-0800-TER 01 Rescue after a Bear Attack Multiple Agencies Operation Lessons Learned Anthony Stefens TCSAR (pdf, 42.35 Mb)
20191011-0830-TER 02 Wolfhound Olivier Favre GSM (pdf, 4.41 Mb)
20191011-0900-TER 03 Discussion on Application twICEme Medical ID Christian Connolly CEO Dr Peter Paal BRD-AVS (pdf, 14.88 Mb)
20191011-1000-TER 04 Teamwork Perception in Search and Rescue Operators Work in Progress or a Reality Alberioli Alessandro SAGF (pdf, 2.11 Mb)
20191011-1030-TER 05 Manage and Control Complex SAR Operations Bojan Šunjić GSSuBiH (pdf, 24.90 Mb)
20191011-1130-TER 07 Canyoning Pino Antonini CNSAS (pdf, 14.28 Mb)
20191011-1330-TER 09 Risk Assessment of Civil Liability for Alpine Rescue Teams Rick Lorenz MRA (pdf, 11.45 Mb)
20191011-1430-TER 10 1000m Longline Rescue from Troll Wall Odd Staurset NARG (pdf, 11.10 Mb)
20191011-1430-TER 11 1000m Longline Rescue from Troll Wall Taumoped Odd Staurset NARG (mp4, 22.93 Mb)
20191011-1430-TER 12 1000m Longline Rescue from Troll Wall Uthenting Odd Staurset NARG (mp4, 27.72 Mb)
20191011-1430-TER 13 Cave Rescue in Croatia Darko Bakšić HGSS (pdf, 24.29 Mb)
20191011-1530-TER 15 Small Party Cave Rescue Applications for Alpine Rescue Situations Eddy Cartaya MRA (pdf, 15.94 Mb)
20191011-1600-TER 16 Avalanche Accident in Tamok Valley Vegard Olsen NF Drsa Julia Fieler NRK (pdf, 4.56 Mb)
20191012-0800-TER 00 Minutes Terrestrial Rescue Commission Meeting (pdf, 184.46 Kb)
20191012-0800-TER 00 Protokoll Tagung Bodenrettung (pdf, 195.48 Kb)
20191012-0800-TER 01 Simulation in Mountain Rescue 2.0 The Future Has Begun Prof Matthias Jacob BWB (pdf, 17.24 Mb)
20191012-0820-TER 03 Registry of Rescuer Deaths Dr John Ellerton MREW (pdf, 16.86 Mb)
20191012-0845-TER 04 Suspension Trauma MED Recommendation Dr Giacomo Strapazzon EURAC (pdf, 7.43 Mb)
20191012-1030-TER 07 No Easy Weeks Busy August in the Polish Tatras Andrzej Górka TOPR Jakub Hornowski TOPR (pdf, 24.07 Mb)
20191012-1130-TER 09 Teamwork for Missing People in Austria BMI Recco Martin Gurdet ÖBRD (pdf, 4.68 Mb)
20191012-1500-TER 15 Satellite Based Solutions for Search and Rescue Operations Vojtech Fort GSA EURISY (pdf, 5.19 Mb)
20191012-1515-TER 16 Advanced Mobile Location Benoit Vivier EENA (pdf, 20.07 Mb)

20191011-1100-TER 06 Dual Tension Line with Maestro Sylvain Couloumy Group France Video (external link)
20191011-1130-TER 08 Canyoning Pino Antonini CNSAS Video (external link)
20191012-0800-TER 02 Simulation in Mountain Rescue 2.0 The Future Has Begun Prof Matthias Jacob BWB Video (external link)