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  • Terrestrial REscue with stretcher - fels_gebirgstrage_abseilen_gerhard_grassmann
    Terrestrial Rescue Commission
    The ICAR Terrestrial Rescue Commission is concerned with all aspects of technical ground search and rescue techniques, particularly in mountainous environments. Terrestrial rescue is not only a transportation issue, getting patients from a place of predicament to a place of care, and there is a b...
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  • Avalanche
    Avalanche Rescue Commission
    One of the main goals and tasks of the ICAR Avalanche Rescue Commission is to provide a platform to present avalanche search and rescue systems. The exchange of experience and the discussions at our meetings help to gain new insights and to transfer the knowledge to the practice. A main task of ...
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  • Helicopter
    Air Rescue Commission
    The ICAR Air Rescue Commission consists of experts, pilots, HEMS crew members and hoist operators from all ICAR member organizations. The ICAR Air Rescue Commission tasks, goals and targets are the same as for ICAR: sharing our experience, learning from others and working on prevention. The comm...
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  • Medicine Stethoscope
    Alpine Emergency Medicine Commission
    Recommendations of this commission are published in international peer-reviewed scientific journals and referenced to "International Commission for Mountain Emergency Medicine (ICAR MEDCOM)".
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  • Dog
    Dog-Handlers Sub-Commission
    The ICAR Sub-Commission Dog-Handlers is led by a President. Now an ICAR Sub-Commission on its own, it used to be attached to the ICAR Avalanche Rescue Commission in the past. The Sub-Commission is committed to its common interests and has the aim of developing exchange and training recommendation...
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