About ICAR Minutes


Some explanation on the naming of documents across our online library on this website.

To make searches in our document library on our website easier, the following name giving convention is applied:


Date (year, month, day) = always represents the current valid from date (either creation/approval or last modification), what you see is what's valid now.

Time (hhmm) = optional insert after date, if several documents of the same day.

XYZ = originating organizational body (3-letter abbreviation), more than one if applicable.

Title = keywords in plain text.

Example: 20141009-AIR-AVA-MED-TER Minutes of the Joint Commissions Meeting

Presentations, if made available to ICAR for web publication, can also be found in the "MINUTES" section. Presentations of ICAR convention meetings are grouped by date and common audiences according to the convention schedule/program also published in the "MINUTES" section of this website.

If a document is available in other languages than English, you will find the choices when accessing the document with a click (otherwise the English version will automatically appear).

Formerly used logos and abbreviations might still appear within older documents (after opening them up). Here's the conversion table to the new structure:

L now AVA, Avalanche Rescue Commission

B now TER, Terrestrial Rescue Commission

A now AIR, Air Rescue Commission

M now MED, Alpine Eemergency Medicine Commission

V now BOA, Executive Board

Sub-Commission Dog-Handlers = DOG

By using the full text search function (lens symbol on the top right side of the website), you can search for any character string published on our website (function not available for names and content of downloadable documents or external links).

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